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Professionals spend a significant amount of time, money and effort attaining their goals and forging a solid reputation within their communities. All of this hard work may be destroyed when professionals are accused of malpractice or other behaviors that may put their licenses at risk. Our attorneys have experience representing professionals of various types in malpractice trials and licensure hearings.

We have represented fellow attorneys in cases involving legal malpractice. This practice area is very personal to us, as we know how hard members of the Bar work to maintain their professional reputations.  We have also defended real estate agents and property managers against accusations from their clients. 

Medical malpractice lawsuits cost millions of dollars a year. We can help limit these costs by representing doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. Our medical malpractice defense lawyers have the experience to handle these situations and have tried many of these cases to verdict.  Our firm has a strong record of success defending professionals in medical injury and negligence cases. We understand the complexity and the extensive preparation that a medical malpractice trial involves. We have represented many medical specialties, including surgeons, anesthesiologists,  emergency room physicians, nurses, and many other types of providers and professionals in medical malpractice suits.  We have a network of experts available to review these cases to analyze how they align with the standard of care.  Our goal is to provide high quality representation and consulting to clients in a cost effective manner. 

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