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When litigation is necessary to address legal issues related to estate planning, probate administration, or trusts, we have a team of experienced probate and trust litigation lawyers at Sweeny, Wingate & Barrow, P.A.. We serve clients in all types of probate, estate planning and trust disputes.

A common probate dispute is a will contest when one or more provisions of the will are called into question. Our probate and trust  litigation lawyers have experience in drafting and interpreting wills and trusts, administering estates and trusts, and handling the lawsuits and appeals that arise from these areas of law.

Probate and trust litigation can also arise in cases of fiduciary action or inaction by a personal representative, trustee, guardian, or conservator. We handle cases against fiduciaries when a breach of fiduciary duty occurs, important information is needed, or specific action needs to be taken. We also represent individual and corporate fiduciaries when litigation is necessary or when their proper actions allow defense by a lawyer.

From issues involving a surviving spouse’s elective share or a creditor's claim in probate, to the proper distribution of or payment of expenses from trust assets, we understand the many situations that surround probate and trust law. The goal of our probate and trust litigation lawyers is to help you find a successful resolution. We are committed to providing high quality representation to every client.

Click here: The South Carolina Personal Representative Handbook

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