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Appellate Advocacy

We handle appeals in both the state and federal courts. Several of our attorneys have argued regularly before the South Carolina Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Sweeny, Wingate & Barrow, P.A., also has attorneys with the credentials to argue cases before the United States Supreme Court. We can represent you at the appellate level even if our firm did not handle your case at the trial level.

We have the skill and knowledge to argue vigorously for the reversal of an adverse ruling or to protect a favorable one. We know how to anticipate the issues likely to appear should your case be appealed. We understand how to preserve at trial the issues which will give you the best shot at a favorable resolution if an appeal to a higher court is made. We are constantly researching the law and civil procedure required to stay on top of the issues likely to affect our clients.