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Product Liability Litigation

We assist national and international manufacturing companies and distributors facing product liability claims, including personal injury and warranty claims. We provide experienced tort litigation and breach of contract attorneys to assist you in defending against product liability claims.

We have represented the makers of elevators, air conditioners, synthetic stucco, windows and doors, fitness equipment and building components. When these products are subject to warranty claims, or if there is a claim of personal injury or property damage caused by one of these products, it is important to have a knowledgeable professional on your side to protect your business.

Accusations that a company produces defective or dangerous products can do irreparable harm to a product manufacturer's reputation. Whether you are facing the prospect of replacing or removing the product, defense against these claims should be prepared by our attorneys, who have a background in corporate and insurance defense.

We also have experience defending distributors of products who, in South Carolina, may be held strictly liable for a product defect whether or not they were involved in the manufacture.